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Importing multiple Customers from a List

The following post shows how to import customers from a list within Cutting Edge

Good to Know 1) Cutting Edge will check for duplicate Email Addresses in your list – only the first occurrence of the email address will be imported.

Good to Know 2) Cutting Edge will not import and ignore Email Addresses of customers in your list that already exist in your Cutting Edge account as a customer for the selected business to avoid duplicate entries.

Please adjust your “Repeat Customer Feedback Settings” if you wish to send feedback requests to customers that you conduct business with on a regular basis and would like to ask for feedback after each transaction or service rendered.

Good to Know 3) Your list “must” be in the XLS, XLSX (Excel) or better CSV format no larger than 3MB.

You can download a CSV file containing an example customer list here:

Step-by-Step Instructions

To upload your customer list, visit the Customer Dashboard and first select “Add Customer” button top right. Then click the “Import Customers” button at the top right. Once selected you can now select the spreadsheet you wish to upload into the platform or grab a sample spreadsheet to complete.

import-patients1Note: The platform does require you have columns for first name, last name and email address.

Click the “Choose File” button to select the spreadsheet to upload, the uploader will show your file being ingested into the platform.

Once all of the columns and rows are uploaded, we will now show you a sample of each column and it’s data in your spreadsheet. The left side of the screen below called Spreadsheet Columns are the column names and data from the upload. The right side is called Cutting Edge Fields show the available fields in our platform. While we automatically map them to what we have detected, you have the ability to adjust these.

The only columns required are First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile #.


You can see above that we auto detected first name, last name, email and mobile number fields in the upload. If a column contained data we couldn’t assign to a field with confidence, it will show the option of “Nothing (skip), meaning that data will not be added to Cutting Edge. Use “Nothing (skip)” when your spreadsheet has a column that doesn’t need to be added to the platform.

If you need to change any of the auto assignments, just click the drop down on the “Belongs to” box and select it’s proper assignment.

Once your list has been uploaded and assigned, you will click the “Finish Adding Subscribers” button. The platform will then give you a quick report on your total customers added with the following statuses.

Imported Customers – these customers were successfully added via the upload.

Duplicated Customers – these customers were not imported already exist in the platform and/or are inside the repeat feedback suppression setting.

Invalid Customers – these customers were not imported because data was missing or incorrect. Likely data issues are missing first name, last name or email/phone or a incorrect email address (example: aaron@aolcom, the “dot” in .com is missing).

Review these statuses after your upload and make note of any issues. Hit “Close” and you will be taken back to your Customer Dashboard with your new customers now added.

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