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Website Takeover FAQ

Do I have to pay a hefty design fee to get started?

*Website design costs can be spread out over your first 6 months with us. Pay 1 monthly price for our services, strategy and expertise. Fresh new websites with ongoing refinement are included in our All-In-One marketing packages for medical practices including dentists and surgeons. Don’t let thoughts of a hefty design fee keep you from moving to Cutting Edge.

Our website design only clients can expect to pay 50% upfront and 50% in 30 days or when site is ready, whichever comes first.

Click here to download a pricing estimate.

What do your websites cost?

*Website design costs can be spread out over your first 6 months with us. Pay 1 monthly price for our services, strategy and expertise. Fresh new websites with ongoing refinement are included in our All-In-One marketing packages for medical practices including dentists and surgeons. Don’t let thoughts of a hefty design charge keep you from moving to Cutting Edge.

Cutting Edge website design only pricing depends on many factors. Our current minimum engagement for a “website only with built-in SEO” is $11,500+. Final pricing is determined by feature requests, complexity and more. We recently published an informative article about dental website design costs.

Click here to download a pricing estimate.

Why should I choose Cutting Edge?


Our smaller crew is one of the top performing digital marketing teams in the world. We’re a Certified Google Partner and partners with industry leading technology providers to bring the latest and greatest to our clients.


No need to wade through complicated spreadsheets when evaluating your online presence and digital marketing campaigns with Cutting Edge. All clients have free access to Client SEO Reports, our data, analytics, and marketing reporting platform.


We have a 95% client retention rate and a +100 Net Promoter Score that’s much higher than the nationwide average. Our client testimonials, medical practice marketing methodology, and decades of web design experience are the perfect recipe for a successful digital campaign.


We’ve been designing and marketing websites since 1999. We keep tabs on the latest and greatest design trends but measure the success of any site launch by how well the new design is able to impact practice goals. We’ve built successful websites across all niches.

Local Area Exclusivity

We offer local area exclusivity to our marketing clients. Our goal is for your practice to dominate your market area. We do not accept clients who conflict with our existing clients.

In Addition

  • We work hard for you and your practice.
  • Cutting Edge is a smaller niche team with a more personalized level of service than bigger marketing firms who have 7000 clients and only offer you a 1/10th of what we do.
  • We are expert digital marketers and designers with fewer select clients so we actually have the time required to boost your practice each day. Compare that to a bigger firm with thousands of clients. Do they have the time and give you the consistent effort required to actually grow your practice? Probably not.
  • We have several years experience marketing for dentists, surgeons and more. References available. Read our reviews.
  • We actually care and are passionate about your success.
  • Cutting Edge is a Certified Google Partner for advertising along with top shelf SEO skills. We use proven methods we have learned over the years to market our client practices successfully.

All of the top ranked websites in highly competitive industries such as dentistry and plastic surgery have one thing in common. They have a team of talented digital marketers behind them who have worked hard to position them into that lucrative spot using SEO best practices. Good website design and architecture is just the first step.

If your website isn’t “above the fold” in the results for your target search terms or if your website is older or stale then you consider handing the reigns over to Cutting Edge.

I've decided to work with Cutting Edge, now what?

Celebrate! It’s time to boost your practice. We make it easy to get started. Simply text or call us at (317) 999-7733, chat with us on our website or fill out our easy form to get started.

Our first step with all projects is our Practice Roadmap Report. We’ll analyze your practice online presence and send you a detailed proposal which includes our findings, recommendations and fees.

Once we are in agreement we get to work with great gusto.  First, we’ll send you our transition guide listing simple step by step instructions that provide us with access to your web presence such as your social pages, ad accounts and Google Analytics etc.

Next, we’ll setup accounts for your practice on our review platform and schedule a short call with your office staff so we can show them the ropes on how to request feedback from patients easily and in seconds.

Then we add your practice to our reporting platform where you can login anytime you like for full analytics, SEO reports, rankings for target key-terms in target locations, measurements against the competition, total ad spend on various platforms, social metrics and more live data all at one convenient link.

We’ll communicate with you to setup tracking against your biggest competitors. We’ll identify what areas of your practice or certain procedures you would like us to focus on during the early stages.

From there we begin to fine tune and relentlessly improve your practice online presence.

We send regular updates via email often in the form charts and graphs plus progress reports along the way so you can follow along.

How long until our new website is complete?

We have a saying here, “A website is never done… only ready”. In most cases we can have your new website “ready” to capture leads and live within 4-6 weeks.

Marketing clients on the Cutting Edge enjoy continued refinement to their web presence nearly every day so your new website will never be “done” in our opinion. Your new Cutting Edge website will keep getting better and better over time.

Your web presence needs to be continuously refined and improved day in and day out. Otherwise you will fall behind the competition who surely has a webmaster or team working hard on their web presence everyday. Never let your medical practice website design and online presence go stale. The days are long gone when you could slap up an average website and you’re “done”.

Will my website experience downtime during the upgrade?

Our goal is zero downtime for your website during transition. We design your new web presence on a development server at a unique address only accessible to yourself and us. When we flip the switch to make your new website live for public consumption there can be up to 24 hours for the new website to propagate the entire internet. This means your domain name may show either your old site or the new one or both during this short interval but there shouldn’t be any downtime. We usually flip the switch to a new website over the weekend and in the middle of the night.

What about updates and adding new content?

We hit the ice like a hockey player changing lines on the fly to update, edit and add new content such as new before and after photos at anytime. Whenever you send us a request for a change or new content for the site we jump on it and get it up quickly. In most cases, within minutes!

My site is with Prosites, Officite or similar. How to proceed?

After you make the decision to work with us simply provide your current website provider with a 30 day notice or similar as noted in their contract. We’ll create an entirely new website and migrate your quality content over to your new Cutting Edge website. It is our goal to completely replace and takeover your web presence within that 30 day+ window so you won’t have to pay them again.

When your new website is ready and you approve going live we will help you change the DNS settings at your registrar and point your domain name to the new site on Cutting Edge servers.

Poof! Old website gone, new website live.

How do I pay you?


We’ll create a unique subscription based product just for you and send you an invoice with a payment link. Add your preferred payment source one time. After that you will be automatically charged on the same day each month.

Quickpay by Zelle

Alternatively, we accept Quickpay by Zelle recurring monthly payments. All you need is our email address. Available at Chase and most major American banks.
If your bank isn’t part of the Zelle network ask them for assistance setting up a recurring monthly payment. We will send you our account information.


We accept checks in the mail.


We are web designers who accept Bitcoin. Ask us for details.

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