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Neural Machine Translations

We make medical practice websites multilingual.

Speak to your patients in their native language.

Cutting Edge provides multilingual medical practice website technology to clients. Would you like a Spanish version of your practice website? Perhaps French? We have you covered.

Translation Accuracy

We use Google neural translations which are very accurate when translating to and from the English language. For example statistical translation quality for Spanish to English ranked at 6 out of 10, with 10 being a perfect translation. Human translators generally rank at 8.5 and new Google neural machine translations hit 8.3.

Search Engine Indexing

Search engines will index your translated pages. People will be able to find your practice by searching in their native language.

Search Engine Friendly

You will have a separate URL for each language which optimizes your website and boosts our multilingual SEO strategy. For example

More than 90 languages supported.

machine-learning-artificial-intelligence-translation-software-2020Neural machine translated websites available exclusively to clients on the Cutting Edge.

Dentists on the Cutting Edge


Our custom All-In-1 solution for dental practices.

Surgeons on the Cutting Edge


Our custom All-In-1 solution for surgeons.

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