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Certified Google Ads For Dentists & Surgeons PPC Marketing

  • Certified Google Ads Experts with Specialist Credential earned for Search Ads
  • Manage & optimize Google Ads account
  • Create baseline for current medical practice PPC performance
  • Define PPC competitors and ad copy based on keyword research and determine areas of opportunity and risk
  • Setup campaigns, budgets and ads targeted to your specialties
  • Send target local area traffic to pages optimized for your preferred treatment consultation requests
  • Conversion tracking
  • Refine campaigns, scale best performing ads

PPC Google Ads management is reserved for Dentists and Surgeons on the Cutting Edge. Click to Download Pricing.

What is a good monthly budget with Google Ads for a dental practice?

Google Ads are one of the most effective marketing channels for dentists. Each dental practice has unique needs. Budgets are determined by many factors and will vary from practice to practice. Cutting Edge client budgets are typically between $2000 and $5500 per month with Google Ads depending on what you are targeting. Implant cases being the larger budgets. Make sure you have a Certified Google Ads Expert managing your ads to get the best return on investment. This is not something you should do yourself.


Google Ads should be part of your permanent annual marketing budget. Along with a good website and dental SEO, Google Ads can help boost your revenue. Seek the assistance of a Google certified professional and start with $50-$70 per day. Scale it up and refine over several months until you are where you can’t handle more new patients (yes, this is possible :). Then ratchet it down a bit.

The possibilities of Google Ads go way beyond simply bidding for clicks in search. You can target people who are similar to visitors of your competitor websites and certain pages even. You can show this audience 15 second video commercials or static ads all over the web as they actively research your preferred dental procedures. The possibilities are endless but one thing is certain. Google is king and has all the patients you could ever want.

Do I really need Google Ads for my dental practice?


If you own a dental practice and some marketing person advises you that you don’t need Google and should omit pledging a portion of your marketing budget to utilize Google’s Advertising platform then they probably just don’t know how to use it for your benefit.

The only variable really is budget. Whether it’s $50 per day or $200, you had best have a marketing person on your practice team who can help you utilize the number one marketing resource in the world right now.

Even if you’re super dominant in maps and organic search results and you have dozens of referrals per month from happy patients then you still should be utilizing Google’s suite of paid marketing tools to help grow revenue for your preferred procedures. Target the procedures you like best and/or are the most profitable.

For example, if someone wants to get a Maxilla or Mandibular Fixed Prosthesis (8 implants or more) and ready to spend $19k or, even better, ready to spend double that for their whole mouth then your organic SEO result is 2 swipes down past the ads on an iPhone or Android right now. It costs an average of $7 to get your dental practice in front of those eyeballs right now with a Google Ad depending on your market area.

Or you can just go about your day and invest in postcards… and let the competition have everything at Google.

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