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Cutting Edge Lead Tracker

Multi-Touchpoint Conversion Tracking

Discover which marketing campaigns, website pages, and keywords are driving phone calls and conversions. Our call tracking software provides keyword-level attribution and mobile click-to-call tracking, allowing you to optimize campaigns for ROI.

With rich caller profile and campaign data, you can track the patient journey across online and offline channels and make the most of every conversion.

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Tracking the Patient Journey


Call Attribution

Multi-channel call attribution for online and offline channels.


Tracking Numbers

Dynamically swaps to a specific tracking number based on how a visitor came to your site.


Conversion Tracking

Identify what’s driving phone calls, conversions, and patient experiences.


Click-to-Call Ads

Get in-depth data about how each of your PPC ads are performing.


Keyword Tracking

Know exactly which search terms are leading to phone calls, conversions, and sales.


Web Forms

Associate form submissions with the exact website visitor and advertising channel.


ROI Reporting

Optimize your marketing ROI based on performance.


Text Messaging

Integrate text messaging campaigns into your advertising call tracking.


Mobile Call Tracking

Link phone calls and conversions back to mobile searches.


Closing the Conversion Gap

Almost 70% of marketers don’t have the ability to track inbound calls through their systems. This conversion blind spot is particularly significant when you consider that calls drive 10 times more sales than clicks.

To optimize your online campaigns, increase conversion rates and lower the overall cost per acquisition, you need to accurately measure online and offline activities.

Lead Tracker uses the conversion-building functionality of call intelligence to track phone calls to the source, landing page, and keyword searched.

Lead Tracker Screenshot

Enhanced Caller ID: Display the caller ID information associated with each caller, including the name, phone number and location.
Track Caller Source: See how each call and website form conversion found your practice.
Call Recordings & Lead Status: Listen to calls. Track your team performance and train, refine. Set a status for each lead.

Call Tracking

Discover which campaigns are driving new patient phone calls and conversions by assigning a custom tracking number to each marketing campaign. Track both online and offline activities.

  • Google Ads
  • Google Organic
  • Website Forms
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Ads
  • Print & more

Mobile Call Tracking

It’s more critical than ever for you to be able to link phone calls back to mobile searches and mobile website visits so that you can optimize advertisements and deliver best in class response to callers. We provide all the tools you need to tie mobile search and website activity to inbound phone calls and new patient conversions.


Access Data Across All Marketing Channels

We integrate with the resources you’re already using.

Tie a true ROI back to your PPC and call extension ads. With every call, we capture data associated to the correct ad click, campaign, ad group, and keyword in Google Ads and Analytics. As your team converts calls to new patients in Lead Tracker, those conversions can also be sent back into Google.


Track Every Conversion

Align your marketing with what’s actually driving new patients & revenue.

Online & Offline Campaigns

Track calls from Google organic, Google My Business, paid search, online advertising, direct mail, TV, radio, print collateral, and more.

Form Submissions

Associate website visitors with form entries and connect requests for consults and appointments with your front office instantaneously.


Track the patient journey and know exactly which keywords are driving phone calls. See how new patients and cases found you.

Text Messaging

Integrate text messaging into your advertising call tracking, for a faster, more effective way to
communicate with prospects and patients.

Add a custom text action to any marketing campaign.

As texts come in, view them in a real-time log.

Send an auto-reply confirming receipt and next steps.

Trigger an alert to your new patient coordinator for instant follow up.

Monitor results and measure campaign effectiveness.

Online Forms

As an online form is completed, it will be associated with the exact website visitor that completed the form as well as the advertising channel that led to the visit (such as the Ads click, organic search, referring URL, and the search keyword, etc.)

All form completions are integrated into your call tracking reporting so that you can see not only how many calls each of your advertising channels are generating- but also how many forms visitors are completing on your site.

ROI Reporting

Optimize Ad Spend

Learn how much return you are getting on each advertising channel so you can optimize your investments.


Set future marketing budgets based on revenue needed and the ROI achieved from each channel.

Front Office Performance

Use reporting to optimize staffing, training and performance management processes.

Our goals are for you to feel great about your marketing have the best year ever for your practice!

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