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Monitoring Google updates and algorithm changes are important for SEO and the overall success of our clients and their medical practice websites.

How is the Sensor score calculated?

We check the search results for a fixed set of keywords on a daily basis and measure how much has changed at the end of the day. The exact method is a proprietary formula, but the total value reflects the total search volatility for the day.

What do the words “SERP” and “Health” in the sensor mean?

There are billions of web pages, but none are more important to digital marketers than search engine results pages, or SERPs. Our clients are mostly dentists and surgeons so the keyword set that we use to calculate the Sensor score consists of keywords in the Health category. The software tracks several categories that are organized by industry to show how different Google updates can impact certain industries more than others.

Is a High or Very High score bad for me?

Not necessarily. High or Very High only means that there are a lot of changes in the rankings. There may be a change in the Google Algorithm or a set of penalties put into force. The chanсe that your website will significantly move in the rankings are higher than usual on a day with a Very High score, but your positions could go up just as well as down. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the score just in case.

What does a low score mean?

A low score means that the rankings are unusually stable. Websites get updated every day and there are often small tweaks in the Google algorithm (some of which are not done by humans), so rankings can change slightly every day. Therefore, a calm day can be slightly suspicious, but not dangerous. Commonly, we see this happen on big holidays.

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