SEO Tips – DIY Dental Practice Website Content

SEO Tips – DIY Dental Practice Website Content

All of your copy should be unique to your practice website. You can easily get inspiration from other sites that rank well. Do a little research into your local market by searching Google for your preferred procedures from your office location. You don’t need to add city or town to these searches as Google knows your location. If a popup occurs asking you for permission to share your location with google, select yes.

Now look closely at your competitors’ top-ranked sites content. Create better than all of them. If Yelp is in top spot you’re laughing and can easily rank high for a good well thought out procedure page.

For a procedure page I suggest this format:

The most important thing is to display your credentials and face above the fold.
Place logos of your school, organizations you’re part of or a member of there like badges. (WOW this guy really knows his stuff)
Followed by some social proof like a review count and testimonial. (Hey everybody is doing it, I may as well)
Then the benefits of the procedure. (Wow this can change my life) Add before afters near here.
Next display the steps involved with the procedure like a flow chart. (How and what’s next, what do I do?)

Example of this for an implant page:

  • Conduct your no-cost consultation
  • Schedule your examination
    A deposit is due when scheduling examination to reserve appointment
  • Perform your comprehensive exam
    3D CT scan (and any other x-rays as necessary) and complete review of mouth (teeth, gums, jaw bone, bite, etc).
  • Review our findings and discuss your options

Next Pricing. Show pricing. (How much will this cost me?)

Then near the bottom of the page place all the standard content like what an implant is made of, the history of implants, maybe share the 99% success rate. This info is what dentists usually place on the implants page and it’s not enough on its own to convince anyone. They do not care about abutments or seeing screws going into jaws. You can include this info for educational reasons but that’s what everyone else has on their page. They probably know this. Don’t focus on educating the patient about the particulars, just focus on convincing them.

You really need everything I mentioned above on each preferred procedure page.

Think of the patient who just found you on Google. Convince them. What would you say to a friend who asked about the possibility of getting implants? Write that down.

You can save time by hiring some freelance writers. Great writers are all over who can provide you with basic content for a page or blog post for less than $100. There are many who provide unique content to dentists and medical practices full time. Provide these writers with links to other great content about implants and ask them to simply rewrite it. Then take what they provide and edit it to your liking. Provide detailed guidance to these writers including headings and subheadings/topics etc.

Dentists really have to dig in and do some homework. They have to work hard on their site content in the beginning. Especially if the firm you hired to create your dental practice website does not know dentistry.

Just think about your patient and website visitor needs. Piece your site content together carefully and for your users.

  • Tell them about yourself.
  • Detail your accomplishments.
  • Explain the benefits.
  • Share the steps involved.
  • Be transparent with pricing.

Another thing you will want to do is weave valuable keywords into your copy. For instance, if you want to be the authority for implants you best have content on your procedure page that mentions terms like full mouth implants, implants for dentures, snap-on dentures, etc.

There is no such thing as too much content on a procedure page so consider your website pages an ongoing effort and not something that is ever “done”.

Start with the important stuff and add more as you go.

The time you take to invest in your own content will pay off big time down the road. The content on your new site will make or break you.

Dentists who just go with some slapped up content like Prosites or PBHS would do are struggling to rank at all and never will rank until they get their hands dirty or hire a dental marketing team to take care of it.

Curious about dental website costs?

Google is the Doorman here. No patients for you without hard work digging in and creating good content and or having marketing pros on your team who will do it for you.

Whatever you do don’t copy anything and paste it onto your site without reworking it or adding a source link. For example, it’s fine to explain abutments with AAID content you copy, etc but make sure that most of your dental practice website content is unique. That’s key.

I’ve helped to rework website content for several dentists that had the same content on their pages as over 30,000 other sites either because someone got lazy and copied stuff and pasted it or they were supplied with the junk content to begin with.

Spend some time on your content. Your content has the potential to be very valuable for your new practice. Invest time and money in this effort. It is very important.

Chris Scott (Dental SEO Expert)
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