Secret Shop Your Staff & Implement Texting

Secret Shop Your Staff & Implement Texting

You may consider secret shopping your own staff and their ability to convert an inquiry into a new patient on the books. You’d be surprised the bumps in the road you can find here. You can do this yourself in disguise or simply stand behind someone and ask them to reach out to your office and request a procedure. Watch and see for yourself how this process is unfolding.

I’ve witnessed client staff responding to lucrative All-on-4 requests 3-5 days later when they should have been hauled in, jumped on and scheduled within 5 minutes. Some dental practice staff members are on their game and respond more quickly but call and get no answer. Then it’s phone tag to oblivion, boom, another one gone.

People generally don’t answer calls from numbers they do not recognize or at anytime it is inconvenient to answer. Your staff may email them about making an appointment only for that prospect having already been scheduled with a competitor because staff were to slow.

It can be frustrating if new patients are slipping thru the cracks because of break downs in communication and timing issues.

I recommend to all my clients that they make texting a part of this process. You don’t need an expensive system integration for this. All you need is for your forms to say “Text message OK?” with Yes No radio buttons. Then you can get a dedicated mobile for less than $50 per month that staff can use to send a text if the person doesn’t answer a call. The Cutting Edge Lead Tracker offers text to patient functionality via the web. It’s really cool.

Nearly 100% more new patients convert with this simple tweak in communication. Performance will improve for all marketing channels. Take advantage of texting to schedule the appointment or to setup an expected call.

It works!

Only 2 people ever responded “no” to ‘Text message OK?’ out of the last 1000 requests I’ve seen come in for clients.

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