Questions to Ask When Reviewing a Dental SEO Proposal

Questions to Ask When Reviewing a Dental SEO Proposal

Ask your potential SEO team for clear examples of good Google organic rankings as well as top 3 map pack results they have achieved for other dentists for their preferred procedures.

Ask for their dental clients phone numbers and call them.

Ask their references if the SEO team has helped to grow their monthly NPs, how long they have been working with them, where they were at before hiring them and where their practice stands today.

A good SEO person/company who has wowed their clients and are good at what they do can provide this easily. They should be able to say “here is DR Soandso in top 3 spots for teeth whitening, or implants for dentures etc” and be able to show you the results live in a Google search. Wannabe’s, newbies and shady SEO ppl that are not worth your investment cannot. If they don’t work with dentists and don’t have good references with proven results move along.

Some so called SEO people and companies really don’t know SEO from shoeshine and hide behind this “SEO takes time” perception. SEO does often take some time to roll out and is an ongoing effort that should be part of your permanent marketing budget so this is why you need to speak with their existing clients before you begin.

Your website architecture, content and user experience are all paramount to good SEO. You may require a new website as part of the SEO process. Your current site should have good SEO already baked in to some degree but if not it will need to be replaced.

Bad SEO can be costly. You want to get this right.

Most strong dental SEO companies would provide an upgraded website with SEO best practices built into it as part of the relationship. Optimized architecture and improved content etc. If your website is flawed the SEO is doomed before you start. I would also stay clear of SEO only individuals and companies who do not have very strong backend and frontend website design and development skills. It all works together.

Reputation is the best way to select a Dental SEO provider. Don’t get bamboozled!

Bamboozle. I love this term. It’s perfect and describes many SEO companies and individuals out there trying to get the attention of dentists. References and proven results are vital as you consider a dental SEO proposal. You should feel comfortable to engage with a company that can provide these references upon request easily.

Chris Scott (Dental SEO Expert)
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