Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Marketing to High-End Dental Patients Online

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Marketing to High-End Dental Patients Online

Have you tried Facebook marketing in an effort to grow your preferred high-end cases?

Let me guess how that turned out.


You spent lots of cash and got plenty of leads. Then you most likely found out the hard way that the quality of these leads was very poor and most of them couldn’t afford anything.

I’ll save you some money and time and get right to the point.

Facebook over the last few years is all the hype. Relentless amateur marketers from here all the way to BFE try to get thru to dentists with this “X amount of FB leads per month guarantee BS” every single day.

I’ll elaborate on why Facebook leads in no way compare to Google and I’ll explain why FB is best left to a branding and awareness campaign with only a small part of your budget.

Dollar for dollar FB leads are near worthless when compared to Google. Leads mean squat.

The reason is simple. People are not shopping around FB for a dentist. People are scrolling thru timelines like crack addicts.

Facebook Ads for dentists example of a social media addict scrolling thru a timeline

Displaying ads to 27,000 people on Facebook doesn’t even equal the value of a few Google clicks from SEO or Google Ads.

Obtaining an actual profitable case from FB is very similar to the Drake Equation for the possibility of finding technologically advanced life elsewhere in the universe.

The Drake equation

First, let’s start with the ad approval process with FB and dentists, surgeons or anything medical.

It’s hard enough to even get an attention grabbing ad approved on FB for someone marketing profitable cases like extractions or implants, multiple veneers etc. Disapproved ads are the norm. Getting approved for an ad where you are asking people if they are embarrassed with their smile is very hard. That’s the first challenge.

Ok, you got an ad that slipped thru the cracks and got approved. People are seeing it and you are getting leads.

Next, how many leads from Facebook Ads turn into an actual appointment? The answer is a small percentage. I know this because they are from FB.

Next how many booked appointments from FB actually show up for their appointment?

Your pool of prospects is quickly becoming much smaller.

Next, how many of these Facebook leads that finally made it to the chair are a waste of time for the dentist and everyone involved? The dentist will invest time and resources into these free consultations or heavily discounted exams that are popular as FB ads.

Next, how many of the consultations which originated from FB will end right when the topic of money is brought up? Lots.

Next, how many of the few that don’t immediately take off when money is brought up can actually get financing? Few.

The high-end patients ready and capable of spending are not on FB. They’re searching for pricing and researching their options on GOOGLE right now.

People are actually searching Google for dentists and full mouth rehab, implants for dentures, cosmetic procedures etc and are in the lower part of the funnel, qualified and ready to buy.

target Google Ads for dentists. Image shows a search box with "cost of full mouth dental implants near me" entered for Google search

Before I continue I will say I like FB Ads for short videos, using hyper focused targeting. I love FB’s pixel for retargeting people who have visited your website already.

However, I advise clients to only use a small part of their paid ads budget on FB. The remainder should be allotted to serving ads where your preferred patients are, which is on Google, most likely using their phones and searching for pricing.

Eliminate wasted time and resources trying to serve and convince people who cannot afford your services by being transparent with pricing on your website.

Sharing pricing has triple impact.

Displaying pricing on your website satisfies searcher intent and makes people happy which Google loves.
Allows your target patient to know how much money they need before they even contact your office.
Discourages those that cannot afford your services from wasting your time.

If your All-On-X is $18k per arch put that on your site. If your porcelain veneers are $1400 let your target patients know.

It’s also a good idea to approximate the monthly payment for certain procedures that someone would “easily” make if they got approved for CareCredit or similar. Calculate these for all your preferred big cases and publish them on your site.

Next, ramp up your website traffic.

It’s most important for you to make sure that your website is a good one and will convert your target traffic into cases. This means it should be fast, clean, display pricing prominently and show off your credentials etc to this traffic within 2-4 seconds. All with a nice easy call to action nearby.

Google beats Facebook like a drum.

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Trent Buchanan of Greystone Smile Design - Dental SEO Client
Dr. Trent Buchanan of Greystone Smile Design – Dental SEO Guys™ at Cutting Edge Client

“I found Cutting Edge on an online message board and community for dentists. In their posts on the site, Cutting Edge seemed genuine and passionate about what they do.

Working with them is one of the top three best decisions I’ve made in my practice.”
Dr. Trent Buchanan

Dr. Matthew Walton - Walton Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry - Dental SEO Guys at Cutting Edge Client
Dr. Matthew Walton – Walton Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry – Dental SEO Guys™ at Cutting Edge Client

“Chris has been great to work with! I have been working with him for the past 4 years, and he has helped me grow my website and SEO leaps and bounds.

The practice is now on the first page of Google search results.
Dr. Matthew Walton

Dr. Sneh Patel - Lorton Springfield Dental Implant & Oral Surgery - Dental SEO Guys at Cutting Edge Client
Dr. Sneh Patel – Lorton Springfield Dental Implant & Oral Surgery – Dental SEO Guys™ at Cutting Edge Client

“Chris approaches SEO with an aggressive marketing approach. He actually cares, and you can tell he loves what he does. He wants to see you increase market share, and keeps an eye on other competitors for your rankings.

My only regret is not teaming up with Cutting Edge years ago! I recommend Cutting Edge without reservation.
Dr. Sneh Patel

Dr. Jason Petrungaro - Petrungaro Plastic Surgery - Cutting Edge SEO Client
Dr. Jason Petrungaro – Petrungaro Plastic Surgery – Cutting Edge SEO Client

“I’m getting consultation requests all the time thanks to their work. While we may not get in touch with each lead, there are literally dozens and dozens of requests coming in every week. That’s how I know that Chris is doing his job successfully. People are finding me, and I couldn’t be happier. Chris always delivers results.

They revolutionized what we do online, and they’ve made me money.
Dr. Jason Petrungaro

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