DIY Targeting Nearby Towns with Dental SEO

DIY Targeting Nearby Towns with Dental SEO

You can expand your reach to surrounding communities easily by standing out as the authority in your specialty and having convincing content.

When someone is new to the area or looking for a new dentist they will scour the web and check out several dentists. People will pass 50 dental offices to see the best or top-rated dentist nearby.

First, you have to be found and then you have about 3 seconds to convince them to look into your practice further as a choice.

You can be found for surrounding community searches by making sure the surrounding communities are actually named on your website. A good way to do this is to place some text near your footer such as:

“Service areas include town, town 2, town 3 and city1. Dr. Smith is worth the short drive and has several patients from city1, town2, area3, 4, & 5.”

Place reviews (stars) on your site prominently near this area.

It takes no time at all to add this to your website and help to expand your reach. There are thousands of factors that are involved in Google rankings but paramount to it all is content. Get the surrounding communities names on your site.

Then do a Google search of your target city for a dentist or your specialty such as implants. Now create something better and more useful to searchers than whats ranked in top 10. Satisfy searcher intent better than the other guy and it doesn’t matter if you are 20 miles away.

I know this works first hand. I’ve helped several dental practices target nearby towns with various dental SEO techniques.

I could go on and on about recommendations for reaching out to surrounding communities.

Obtaining reviews from people who live in nearby communities when they do visit your practice will also ramp up your rankings in that target town. Review signals make up nearly 17% of the ranking factor for local map results. Google often knows where your reviewers live.

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