Buying/Selling a Dental Practice? Evaluate Website SEO Value

Buying/Selling a Dental Practice? Evaluate Website SEO Value

Looking to buy or sell a dental practice? I recommend you do a full analysis of the practice online presence. Audit the website, marketing, online reviews, reputation and more. You may find immense value or find a mountain of crap not even worth climbing to be competitive. A thorough analysis will assist with negotiations either way.

Cutting Edge offers this service as part of our Dental SEO Expert Marketing Analysis where we estimate the value (and potential) of the organic traffic portion of any dental practice website. Visit our Dental SEO Services & Pricing page and order a Practice Roadmap Report.

For example, see these two results below for a private practice. The first screenshot is for desktop searches at Google ($17.3K) and the second is for mobile ($13.6K). It estimates the value of the organic traffic (where the clicks are free) flowing to the domain each month. The total is an estimated average monthly cost to rank for the same keywords if using Google Ads.

Desktop traffic organic SEO value of website traffic
Mobile traffic organic SEO value of website traffic

This practice has been very aggressive with SEO and content marketing for a few years so these numbers are way above average for a smaller private practice. An average sized dental practice with an average online presence that is flowing with potential new patients should return a score here of at least some value depending on market size.

There is either existing value in the practice website organic traffic or there is none. If none then that should be considered as you could easily spend $50K-$100K or more trying to bring a practice out of the muck and make it competitive online.

Buyer beware. Something may be broken if the practice numbers are declining and it is only landing an abysmal 10 new patients or less a month.

It is also possible there is a heavy hitter competitor or two nearby that is literally killing this practice with aggressive marketing and sucking up all the new patients. We can check for that too.

On the other hand, if the dental practice you are buying or selling has a website with a flow of $5000-$10000 worth of target organic traffic, that’s something to be very happy about.

This is helpful and valuable information to know when either buying or selling a dental practice.

Chris Scott (Dental SEO Expert)
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