Achieve Top Rankings for Dental SEO Keywords

Achieve Top Rankings for Dental SEO Keywords

In order to rank for a specific dental SEO keyword, you have to satisfy searcher intent. For example, most people looking for Invisalign will not just search for Invisalign + city. They will instead search for thousands of variations of keywords about Invisalign. Most often they search for pricing and costs. You’ll need extensive Invisalign information on your site to capture these.

Google tries to tailor results for searchers based on their location and even their browsing habits. There are thousands of variations for phrases about Invisalign, for example, that can bring people to your site. Most often these are price related queries. If someone searches for “cost of Invisalign” near your practice location, does your website answer that question?

SEO involves extensive research, on-site work including site architecture, content optimization and more. Don’t bother trying to target phrases or keywords for which you don’t have content. Instead, focus on creating quality content that targets the phrases and keywords you’d like to rank for.

You can get great insight into what keywords you should be targeting by simply performing a Google search. Google will try to “suggest” popular search queries and display them in the drop-down in an effort to serve users better. They’ll also display frequently used questions prominently in the results as answer boxes. When you interact with these questions to see answers Google will refine the results and offer you even more answers. Look to the phrases Google suggests and these long-tail questions as your target keywords. Create compelling content that satisfies searcher intent and provides them with answers to questions they’re asking.

Great SEO is like gold for your practice and can last years, even decades. Bad SEO is a waste of money and can actually harm your online reputation and make it very difficult for pros to help you recover from. Be cautious in your efforts. Always keep your SEO efforts ethical and follow Google guidelines. We call this “white hat” SEO.

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